Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Where is The Ronald D and Regina C. McNeil Walking Robotics                        Laboratory located?

The Laboratory is located on the first floor of the Ford Motor Company Robotics Building.  The Ford Robotics Building is the new hub of the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering Robotics Institute.

Q. Why are there two McNeil Scholar Programs?

The McNeil Scholar Program-Detroit, established in 2007, is for graduates of the Detroit Public Schools Community District. In 2012, The Foundation established The McNeil Scholar Program-Lana’i which is exclusively for graduates of the Lana’i High & Elementary School in Lana’i City, Hawaii.

Q. What is a McNeil Scholar?

A McNeil Scholar is an individual who has been awarded a scholarship through one of The McNeil Scholar Programs. An Elijah L. McNeil, Jr. Scholar is a McNeil Scholar who is enrolled in the School of Business Administration at Wayne State University.

Q. If I become a McNeil Scholar is my scholarship renewable?

The McNeil Scholar Program-Detroit is renewable for three consecutive years. The McNeil Scholar Program-Lana’i is an annual $2,500 award renewable for three consecutive years.

Q. Where can I find application materials for The McNeil Scholar Programs?

All application forms are available online. Click on The McNeil Scholar Program-Detroit and The McNeil Scholar Program-Lana’i for more information.

Q. What is Michigan Football?

Michigan Football is a raffle where donors can win a football package that includes two preferred tickets and one game day parking pass for home games at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Eligible donors may participate for two consecutive seasons.

Q. Does the Foundation accept donations?

Yes. You can donate to the General Fund of The Foundation or to a specific Endowment or Program.

Q. How can I contact the Foundation?

The Foundation can be contacted by mail or by email.

Q. The Foundation only accepts mailed donations by check or money order. Why?

The fees associated with accepting online donations by check or credit card are considerable. The Foundation forgoes these fees and contributes the savings to the educational programs that it supports. We hope our donors agree.